Welcome to TCHS

Trinity Catholic High School is a coeducational college preparatory Diocesan high school located on 26 picturesque acres in northern Stamford, Connecticut. Serving the Fairfield County, Lower Westchester County communities.  It was regionalized in 1991 from St. Mary’s (Greenwich), Stamford Catholic (Stamford), and Norwalk Central Catholic (Norwalk).  98% of Trinity graduates continue their education, attending some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

Trinity Catholic is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. and the Connecticut State Department of Education. The faculty number 38, 95% holding advanced degrees.  Teacher-student ratio is 1:13 which allows individulaized specialized personal attention to all students.

Our Mission

Trinity Catholic High School is a diocesan, Roman Catholic coeducational, college preparatory School. The school is located on a 26-acre campus in northern Stamford.  A Christ-centered community committed to educating the whole human person within the Roman Catholic tradition.  It provides an atmosphere of respect and reverence in which each member is able to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically in order to live as a positive Christian witness, and responsible citizen in the service of God and others.


Our purpose is to acquaint the students with that important and substantial information about life and the world called “knowledge,” and to aid students in the development of the principles of morality, discipline, and self reliance.

All students are included in this walk whether eager to learn and to grow, or reluctant to do so. It is our responsibility to help as well as to guide them to think critically, to form mature judgments, and to assume a role in society which models mature and dedicated Catholic Christians. We seek to prepare students to become integral parts of the world in which they live, to interpret it intelligently, to contribute to it positively, and to change it responsibly.

We provide a moral, ethical, spiritual, and aesthetic view which encourages personal responsibility, service to others, and love of neighbor. We provide academic programs which stress high standards, and we offer varied extracurricular activities which encourage cooperation and competition.

We provide a concerned, caring community of dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators. Our process of education will be successful with the cooperation of the home, the school, and the students.

The following objectives are the means by which we implement our philosophy:


  • To provide courses in religious studies for all students
  • To encourage participation in the liturgy, sacraments, prayer and community activities
  • To provide individual spiritual direction
  • To provide retreats
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of social justice
  • To provide opportunities for community service


  • To maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning
  • To offer a curriculum which meets the needs, abilities, and interests of our students
  • To encourage participation in the fine arts
  • To encourage self-directed learning
  • To develop in each student the ability to think, to read, to write, and to speak intelligently, independently, and clearly
  • To provide for the on-going professional growth of the faculty


  • To develop an appreciation for good health and physical activity
  • To provide physical education
  • To offer interscholastic athletic activities
  • To provide health care and allied health services


  • To encourage a responsible attitude toward family, Church, and community
  • To encourage the utilization of facilities and activities available throughout the community
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction within the school community