About Us

MetroPool’s mission is to deliver transportation demand management solutions to improve mobility and ease the movement of people, improving workforce effectiveness, economic well being and quality of life.

MetroPool provides free commuter services to employers and commuters with the support of the New York State Department of Transportation.

Services are available to employers, commuters and travelers in the mid-Hudson Valley and the greater New York Metro area.

MetroPool encourages the use of transportation alternatives such as carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling, walking, compressed work weeks and telecommuting.

Our Services

MetroPool makes starting and operating a commute mobility program easy!

We offer employers a wealth of information and valuable services to help employees find the best way to travel to work. These services are available to employers at no charge, thanks to the support of the Connecticut and New York Departments of Transportation, and include:

Customized Commute Mobility Plan

MetroPool staff identifies available commute options (such as carpooling, vanpooling, transit, walking, bicycling, and telecommuting), identifies appropriate program strategies and services, then develops customized promotional materials. MetroPool continues the relationship with the employer by providing ongoing program evaluation and consultation.


MetroPool works with each employer to gather information from employees about their commute trips. Complete survey support is available, including email-based surveys. MetroPool and the employer determine the most appropriate method for matching employees for potential carpools, vanpools and transit options.

  1. Carpool Formation

    A carpool is the easiest ridesharing arrangement of all, but a little support can keep it moving on the road to success. MetroPool helps employers promote carpools, helps identify potential carpool groups, offers route planning and other assistance to carpool groups and finds new riders when necessary.

  2. Vanpool Formation

    Put two or three carpool groups together in one van and presto, you get a vanpool. MetroPool assists employers in forming vanpools, taking care of driver and rider orientation, facilitating van delivery, and getting the new vanpool group together and on the road. Special incentives may be available in your area to help form and maintain a vanpool.

Shuttle Formation

Transit is a terrific commute option, but trains and buses can’t always stop conveniently close to every worksite. MetroPool can help employers organize a shuttle service to nearby transit stations so employees can make their rail and bus connections in a timely manner. MetroPool can also work with public transit providers to alter existing service whenever possible.

Guaranteed Ride Program

A low-cost benefit with a big payoff for your employees: peace of mind. The fear of being stranded at work is one of the strongest deterrents to ridesharing. Now you can provide your employees with a ride home when they are faced with an illness or family emergency. Within minutes of calling, your employee will be heading home, free of charge. To support your Easy Street® NY program, MetroPool will set up and administer a Guaranteed Ride program for your company at no cost, along with recommendations for determining eligibility, setting up internal administrative procedures and ongoing evaluation. Everyone wins… the employee gets speedy problem resolution at no cost; you get a meaningful benefit and a highly desirable program!

Commuter Information Centers

MetroPool provides free information kiosks to employers that attract employee attention and offer one-stop shopping for commuter information. Participating employers receive updated materials on a monthly basis.

Promotional Efforts

Employers can take full advantage of MetroPool’s storehouse of information for employees. From ridesharing and transit information to commute cost comparisons, MetroPool can provide employers with promotional material either in print form or on disk to adapt materials for their own use. On-site events can also be held to promote available employer and/or transit services.

Custom Promotional Materials

Employers can tap MetroPool’s expertise in developing promotional literature for commuters to produce customized promo pieces at cost.

Company Relocation Services

MetroPool provides commute services for companies who are relocating including route planning and commute option identification, marketing, employee meetings and follow-up. These custom tailored programs help employers alleviate the burden of relocation and retain valuable employees.
Learn more about: MetroPool’s Relocation Services.

Direct Commuter Services

MetroPool provides services directly to commuters including personalized online and over-the-phone commute information; over-the-phone, computer-based ridematching for carpools and vanpools; formation support; as well as carpooling tips and vanpool information.