About The Mead School


The Mead School exists to nurture in each child the power to create a personally meaningful life.

The Mead School’s guiding educational beliefs are based largely upon those put forth by the first director and founder of the School, Dr. Elaine de Beauport. At The Mead School, curriculum is considered a vehicle for developing the Seven School Skills as defined by Dr. de Beauport. They are as follows:

  • Thinking
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Receiving
  • Expression
  • Action
  • Respect

Much of what guides education in traditional schools is the clock. Getting skills on time. Identifying fast learners and slow learners. At The Mead School, we guide children to become active learners.

We don’t expect everyone’s thinking to be the same.  Ideas and discoveries are embraced in an empowering community that celebrates excellence and effort.  Our vibrant arts environment gives expression to all learning.

Creating a personally meaningful life is the most important challenge your child will face.  At Mead your child will have the opportunity to be a learner, a communicator, and a leader within the academic and social environs of the school.  Your child will be actively engaged in the discovery of how he or she learns best.  Our belief is that the uniqueness in each child deserves to be honored in that the voice of the child drives the mission of the school.