LaGuardia Airport(LGA)

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) has been operated by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with the City of New York since June 1, 1947.

Located in the Borough of Queens, New York City, bordering on Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay. It is eight miles from Midtown Manhattan. Geographic reference points are 40° 46′ 36.2″ north, 73° 52′ 23.7″ west.

LaGuardia consists of 680 acres and 72 aircraft gates. The airport is 12.7 feet above sea level.

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Proper identification is a must. All adults need either a photo ID issued by a government authority or two other forms of identification at least one of which must be issued by a government authority. For this and other passenger security regulations.

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