Building Young Men Of Character

At Brunswick School, in all we do, we uphold our founder’s intention of “ably and generously preparing boys for life.” We believe in the potential of boys and we have deliberately and successfully sculpted an educational experience that emphasizes rigorous traditional learning, self-discipline and character development. Our philosophy is fulfilled as we build young men of character through the educational experience that is uniquely Brunswick.

Headmaster’s Welcome

It is one of the greatest honors of my life to serve as Headmaster of this unique school. Having filled a variety of roles within the community prior to being named Headmaster, coupled with the great joy and pleasure my wife Lela and I derive from being parents of two Brunswick students, and a young daughter, I am able to appreciate the wonder of this place from many angles.

twphandscross2a253More than any school I know, Brunswick is a vibrant and growing institution that despite dynamic change over the course of its more than one hundred year history, has managed to stay true to its founding goals and intent. In a community of challenging academics, diversely appealing artistic pursuits and highly competitive athletics, time is also carefully reserved for both reflection and service to others. Great emphasis is placed in all divisions on the development of the “whole boy.”

As the School has grown over the years, the geographic area it covers has matched that progress. As we enter our second century, we are a school on three campuses, spanning fourteen years of academic and extracurricular growth from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 and sharing a dynamic and enriching coordinate Upper School program with neighboring Greenwich Academy. Yet despite all the breadth of experience and program, we are firmly united as a community in the simple things we hold dear.

In sum, we believe in the inherent worth and potential of every boy in our charge and we are blessed with a talented and seemingly tireless faculty dedicated to the fullest possible growth of each and every member of our community. Our collective goal is to prepare our students for successful and meaningful lives after they leave our door. It will be the strength of a young man’s character and the depth of his¬†spirit that will ultimately determine how he both meets and measures that success.

More than anything, therefore, Brunswick is a community firmly founded upon trust. The School’s motto, “Courage, Honor, Truth,” is a phrase familiar to all who have graced our halls and one which is followed both in word and deed by all who meet success while with us.

We hope, as you look through this web site, you will experience the purpose and spirit of our community and our school.